Event Calendar

Here you can find all of the upcoming ABS events and info about them. If you want to attend any of these events just look up the info in the links to find out more. If you have some ideas of your own for event, please contact our community management team through our Facebook page or Instagram and with your help we can make these ideas real!

Sport sessions schedule

Our school has some great sport activities! Indoor and outdoor sports to choose from, we offer something for everyone. Here is the schedule so you can join:

Mondays: Volleyball,  Kermisland 18.00 – 19.00h (contact: Carla Perroni)
Tuesdays: Basketball, R26 18.00 – 20.00h (contact: Nicola Verrillo)
Wednesdays: Basketball, Kermisland 21.00 – 23.00h (contact: Nicola Verrillo)
Thursdays: Basketball, R26 18.00 – 21.00h (contact: Ivan Wiranata)
ndoor Soccer, Kermisland 17.00 – 19.00h (contact: Carla Perroni)
Indoor Volleyball, Kermisland 17.00 – 19.00h (contact: Carla Perroni)​
Fridays: Basketball, R26 16.15 – 17.56h (contact: Vietnamese Student Union)

Gaming event, every Friday

Gaming events are about two things – technology and community, and we have both! Are you a passionate gamer but want to improve your teamworking skills? Then join the ABS Gaming community every Friday at 20:00 and have some fun! Get in touch with Lorenzo Baldeschi for more info!

Ambitious Minds Association workshops, every Wednesday

Are you willing to do things in this world but don’t have similar minds around you? Then Ambitious Minds Association will help you become a better version of yourself.  We provide self-improvement workshops, do crazy challenges, help you meet interesting people, participate in events and get you out of your comfort zone. Join our mastermind group in the basecamp on Wednesdays at 16:20 pm! For more info contact Max Schalow !

Art Exhibition, May 22nd 2019

 ABS community wants to show all of it’s talented students and in this case ABS will also stand for Art By Students.  On May 22nd you are invited to the opening of an art exhibition. This event is allowing students to have their artistic achievements recognised and helps them to develop their voice and identity. The exhibition includes photos, paintings and graphic designs all made by students. You can contact Sara Goll for more info!

For all of the food lovers and goodhearted people of ABS, on Friday May 24th we will have a charity bake sale at the canteen in R31! For one muffin you can pay as much as you want! The money raised will finance shipping of 153 pairs of shoes that will go to Namibia. One pair of shoes can already improve a child’s life quality extremely so come and do something nice and eat a yummy muffin as well. See you on Friday! For more info contact Katharina Gruninger!