Important information for all new students Arnhem Business School (Communication Studies & International Business): CLICK HERE

Have you already received your ABS acceptance letter? Are you a proud new ABS student? Congratulations! Your international future is about to begin at Arnhem Business School.

International 1st-year book list

After having been accepted for an ABS Bachelor’s course, you will begin the International 1st Year Arnhem: International Business (IB) or Communication Studies (CS). During this year, you will learn about a wide variety of disciplines, this will help you to make a well-founded decision about which course best matches your talents and interests.
There are books on the book list that are the same for all first year students, regardless of the course they have chosen. There are also specific books for International Business (IB) and Communication Studies (CS). Find your booklist here.

ABS Buddy Programme

Are you coming to ABS from outside the Netherlands? Would you like someone to show you the ropes? We’re happy to assign you a buddy to help you find your way during your 1st semester. Our buddies are 1st- or 2nd-year ABS students. They can help you settle into ABS by showing you around or helping you make new friends, plan your study and deal with cultural differences.
Buddies can also help with your transition to life in the Netherlands with practical advice about everything from opening a bank account or reading a train schedule, to food shopping and buying a bicycle. Let one of our buddies help you start your studies with confidence! Sign up for the buddy programme here.


You only buy the books of the foreign language of your choice: Spanish, German, French or Dutch. If you consider taking French or German as a second language, please have a look at these documents: Intake-German / Intake-French.