International Business (Start: September 2018)

Our new Bachelors programme in International Business is starting in September 2018. It’s not entirely new, because it still contains the core of four former international programmes: International Business and Management Studies, Finance & Control and Logistics Management. The new programme combines these disciplines into a broad first year with the possibility to specialise in Finance, Management, Marketing & Sales or Supply Chain Management later in the programme.

International business skills
International business is always changing and innovating. As a result, there is a widespread need for professionals who understand the principles of modern international business and who have the knowledge, skills and personality to operate and thrive in a dynamic, ever-changing environment. HAN is responding to these changes by offering a new degree course: International Business. The first year will cover the fundamentals of the business world. This solid foundation will help you decide which direction is right for you: Finance, Management, Marketing & Sales or Supply Chain Management.

Four specialisations

Finance experts have to keep the entire organisation in mind and make sure that decision-making is based on objective analysis and quantifiable information. They are always well informed and keep their head cool. After completing this specialisation, your fields of expertise will be: strategic management, performance management, finance, operations & reporting, governance, risk & compliance.

Continuous innovation is the main characteristic of global business nowadays. Consider E-business, sustainability, new leadership, new project management tools, etc. You learn how to advise a company about these developments and how to implement them. This specialisation prepares you for a general management position in an international company. We focus on management and on the integration of functions. Key elements are the international economic developments and the effects they have on international organisations. And you can learn to speak and write fluently in a second foreign language besides English: German, French, Dutch or Spanish.

Marketing & Sales
Which new markets have potential and how do you access them? In this specialisation you learn how a business can expand its activities into new international markets. You also learn how to research customers’ needs and how to gain optimal results from international business relations. Subjects in this specialisation are, for example: Entering new markets abroad, International account management, International sales and E-commerce. And you can learn to speak and write fluently in a second foreign language besides English: German, French, Dutch or Spanish.

Supply chain management
In supply chain management you are always weighing the customers’ needs, the operational possibilities and the financial consequences. The supply chain covers the entire track from raw materials, through production and distribution, into the hands of the customer, patient or client. As a supply chain manager you are challenged to organise people and products to move at the right time in the right direction. That is why we focus on customer service and marketing perspectives, as well as sourcing, production, distribution and finance.

All specialisations also focus on cultural awareness, communication skills and personal growth.

Building international experience
More than half of our students come from abroad. You will be studying amongst students from over 60 nationalities. Moreover, with a study abroad, an international work placement and a graduation project in another country, you can go abroad for up to 18 months. The minimum is 6 months, so at least one part of your programme is done abroad.

We have over 90 partner universities across the globe. Would you like to study in Australia, Spain, the USA, the UK, New Zealand or Mexico? You can choose from numerous universities that have interesting courses in the field of International Business. And for your work placement and graduation, we can help you find a company in our worldwide business community.

Job opportunities
International Business prepares you for entry positions in management, finance, supply chain management or marketing at international companies and innovative enterprises. It prepares you for a global career in the continuously changing world of international business. You will probably be travelling a lot and every day will be different.

Our graduates embark on a wide range of careers in many industries. They typically begin at entry and middle-management levels and progress later on into management positions such as:

  • Online or Offline Marketing Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Account Manager

Arnhem Business School
This new programme is part of Arnhem Business School: our own international community. It is a place where everything comes together: students, business courses, alumni network, partner universities and companies, campus life.

If you have any questions or are interested in this new Bachelors programme, please contact HAN Information Centre.

Phone: +31 24 353 05 00

WhatsApp: +31 6 25 64 04 70