About us

Inspiring environment. Innovative and skilled professional staff. International student community. These are just some of the ingredients that make up Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands. We make it our business to offer higher education of an outstanding quality to students across the globe. It is our goal to prepare each of our students to meet the unique challenges found in today’s working world. Our skilled professionals accomplish this by combining practical education methods with specialized, internationally focused teaching. Arnhem Business School provides high-quality, challenging and engaging education that follows the latest trends in the business world.

Student needs, the work field and society are at the core of the education provided at Arnhem Business School. With around 1,200 students from 60 different countries, our main objective is to build on the international business studies and future employment opportunities of its students. We have an excellent international positioning. This comes from our large staff of lecturers with an international, successful professional background and our strong relationships with many well-known foreign companies and institutes of higher education. Arnhem Business School students and staff also benefit from the school’s collaboration with more than 120 partner universities all over the world.

HAN University of Applied Sciences, Arnhem Business School, is a member of EFMD. EFMD is a global network of business schools and corporations dedicated to enhance excellence in management education and development globally.