Want a buddy to help you start at ABS?

As we heard from our ABS students, the first semester can be quite challenging. Starting with a new education and meeting new classmates is already exciting. Then, most of you had to travel a long way to come over to Arnhem Business School, leaving friends and family behind. And on top of that, you need to get used to a new culture.

In your first semester we would like to offer you a buddy, who can help you to accommodate in Arnhem/Holland and find your way around at ABS. Student buddies will be 2nd year students from ABS, who are motivated to coach you. It’s a free service for you.

What to expect from your buddy?

During your first semester a buddy will help you with:

  • Finding your way in Arnhem: where to buy food, find a room and open a bank account;
  • Planning your study and getting used to the Dutch educational system;
  • Dealing with differences, like speaking English, culture shock, and typically Dutch habits.

We expect from you that you meet your buddy and be present during the buddy activities and reply to messages, until you notify your buddy that there’s no need for help any longer.

Ready to apply? Send an e-mail before 20 January 2020 to: community.abs@han.nl

Please include your name, student number and degree program in your e-mail.