Asian Studies: Doing Business in China

Are you interested in a challenging career focused on conducting business with China? Sign up for the Doing Business in China exchange course at Arnhem Business School (renowned part of HAN University of Applied Sciences).

Business career in China
It’s common knowledge that China is booming. It is the world’s fastest growing economy and companies are lining up to do business with a country that is rapidly transforming into one of the most powerful economies on the planet.

There is an ever-growing demand for qualified professionals who know how to conduct business in China. This exchange course provides you with an excellent opportunity to prepare yourself for a business career focused on China.

Business trip to China
A business trip to China will give you a unique opportunity to develop essential cultural competencies for doing business there. It will also help you build a valuable foreign network through meetings with partner universities, companies and institutions operating there.


  • Chinese economy and business environment
  • International Marketing & Logistics from a Chinese perspective
  • Research and analysis of the Chinese market
  • Knowledge of cultural differences
  • Chinese language
  • Ethical, normative, social and cultural issues related to professional practices

Type of exchange course
This is a differentiation exchange course. This means it enables you to develop your professional competences in a different/broader context.

Block exchange course
This exchange course is offered once or twice a year in a block during a semester.

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