Arnhem Business School is committed to research, knowledge development and knowledge innovation through its research centre International Business. The focus of the research group is as follows: issues of internationalisation for companies, as well as the role and contributions of internationally competent employees within this context. The issues concern:

  1. Management of business process in international companies.
  2. Management of social factors in organisations from the for-profit and non-profit sectors;
    The individual
    The work environment
    The organisation

Internationalisation of higher education 

Training students how to perform in an international (business) environment is best done in an international study environment together with students that originate from as many as possible different (international) backgrounds. Therefore “Internationalisation of education” also plays an important role in the research centre. How can we create the best educational environment, curriculum and didactical approaches to deliver alumni that not only have a solid international business awareness but also  master intercultural skills, know how to operate in an international team, how to manage international teams, projects and organisations.

Who we are?

Florentin Popescu, Ph.D (LinkedIn)

As Senior Researcher at Research Centre International Business of HAN University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands – Dr. Florentin Popescu believes that providing quality and broad-based academic direction is one of the core catalysts for success in higher education institutions today.

Worldwide recognized for his research and valuable contribution to knowledge, society and different stakeholders, Dr. Florentin Popescu expertise varies from holistic approach on adult learning, Internationalization and Globalization of Higher Education to Social Entrepreneurship in cross cultural contexts.

Having chaired numerous international conferences for the last years  (WED 2019), 27-29 September 2019 Dalian, China; (AHFE 2019) and the Affiliated Conferences, 24-28 July 2019 Washington D.C., USA; (ACEID2019), 25 -27 March 2019 Tokyo, Japan; (IoTBDS 2019), 2-4 May 2019 Heraklion, Greece; (Synthesize 2018), 18-19 December 2018 Bangalore, India; (WED 2018), 28-30 September 2018 Jinan, China;  (AHFE 2017), 17-21 July 2017 Los Angeles, California, USA; Dr. Florentin is always looking for academic challenges.

List of publications: Link.

Ingrid Van Rompay-Bartels, Ph.D (LinkedIn)

Ingrid Van Rompay-Bartels, who has a PhD from Leiden University is a senior lecturer in International Business (and Languages) at HAN University of Applied Sciences. She studied Japanese Language and Culture in combination with the specialization Management Studies at Leiden University. Her interest in cultural differences emanates from her own experiences of growing up as Dutch child among Japanese and Japanese Brazilians in the north of Brazil. Nowadays she also works as researcher for the Centre of Applied Research International Business at HAN, focusing on global skills and local challenges in the context of intercultural awareness, diversity & inclusion and cross cultural collaboration projects for private, semi-private and public institutions. Besides, she is native in Portuguese and Dutch and has professional work proficiency in English, Japanese and Spanish.


Grant for the project `Social entrepreneurship in cross-cultural context: Multiple value creation and lessons across borders` in collaboration with Lector dr. Annet de Lange and Lector Finance Dr. Koos Wagensveld RA.
This project aims to provide a cross-cultural comparative case study examining different stakeholder perspectives and value-creation (e.g., social, human, financial, intellectual, natural, and manufactured) of cases of social entrepreneurship in the region of Arnhem and Nijmegen with relevant social entrepreneurship in the region of Bangalore (India).

Grant as co-applicant from the NWO for the project “Peer-feedback in the international classroom” in collaboration with Jannemieke Geessink. Grant earned on March 19, 2019.

List of publications: Link.

Amir Moradi, Ph.D (LinkedIn)

Amir Moradi is a lecturer in finance at Arnhem Business School. He holds a bachelor in mechanical engineering, an MBA, a master’s degree in financial management and a PhD in finance.

He is the co-author of two scholarly papers in Journal of Research in International Business and Finance as well as International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences. His research interests include corporate finance, capital structure, financial crises and financial markets.

Amir is a fellow of the Research Center for International Business at Arnhem Business School. Currently, he is working on a paper about the macroeconomic determinants of capital structure. He is also passionate to bridge between finance and system dynamics.

Besides, he has also worked approximately seven years as a senior executive in the aviation industry.

List of publications: Link.

Dr. Nicole Osentoski-Monsma (LinkedIn)

Nicole Osentoski is a Dutch-American researcher, head lecturer and internship coordinator at the Arnhem Business School.  She holds a bachelor in Supply Chain Management, a master in International Business and completed her doctorate on Internal Change Agents at Bradford University in 2015.  She has 19 years of experience in both multinational organizations and higher education in the USA and The Netherlands.

Her research interests include organizational change, actor-network theory, auto/ethnography and role performativity. She has published a paper in the Journal of Positive Management about leading change from inside an organization and is currently developing a course on Organizational Change.

At present Nicole is co-authoring a paper about the forgotten internal change agent and is developing a project on the material presence of leadership in an international context.

List of publications: Link.

Robert Warmenhoven (LinkedIn)

Robert Warmenhoven is a senior lecturer at Arnhem Business School. He holds a bachelor in Marketing, a master’s degree in strategic management and is currently doing a Dba at the Glasgow Caledonian University. He is the co-author of two published scholarly papers and a book chapter about intercultural communication. His research interests include marketing, intercultural management, international business and global virtual communication.

Robert is a fellow of the Research Center for International Business at Arnhem Business School. Currently, he is working on a paper on global virtual teams and a book chapter about intercultural cooperation in global virtual teams.

List of publications: Link.



Jannemieke Geessink, MA (LinkedIn)

Jannemieke Geessink is researcher and senior lecturer cross cultural communication and management. Her current research is about peer-feedback in the international classroom. Giving peer-feedback in an international environment helps students to develop their intercultural competences which will be a valuable asset when working in an international environment. The final product of the research will be a practical tool that will be helpful in providing (peer)feedback in an international environment. The Dutch government granted a Comenius scholarship for this research.

The next step will be extending the tool to a professional environment. How can managers provide effective feedback to their international employees? How can colleagues working in an international team provide feedback to each other? Doing this in an effective way will enhance the quality of the (team)work. Does your company or organisation have an international workforce (including Dutch employees with a migration background)? Then it might be interesting to participate in this research which also will give you the opportunity to make use of this tool.

For more information you can contact Jannemieke Geessink at